Thursday, April 30, 2009

More snow and Lewistown

Thursday is typically a climbing day for me. I usually have the evening to myself to train or climb outside if the weather permits. Today the weather has decided to be unsuitable and has snowed enough since early afternoon that its actually starting to accumulate. That, and the simple fact that my eldest daughter has a school play and you just don't miss that sort of thing, has conspired against any sort of climbing this evening.
The local climbing gym has a comp this weekend and the owner asked me to come down and help pre-run the routes and set a few hard ones. This is something the whole fam can participate in, so we will spend some time there Friday evening. I hope I can create something cool and hard and still have enough energy to help sort the routes. These pre-comp days usually leave me so gased I'm useless for days afterward as far as climbing goes. I seem to be more psyched to set routes in the fall when I'm looking at a long inevitable winter than the spring when I am dreaming of outdoor routes. Nevertheless, I will try to help out as best as I can.
Here is a video I shot a few years back of my friend Tad and his quest to complete Lewistown Pharmacy V7 which at the time was a recent addition to Cedar Mountain. This isn't his actual send but some stitched together stuff. He fired it later in the year. The climb is somewhat unique because it is at the mouth of an actual cave which exhales air that is roughly 57 degrees. This serves as a source of warmer air in the winter and a built in air conditioner in the summer months. Pretty cool, indeed.

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