Sunday, April 26, 2009

Scrappy Little Devil

It seemed like the Snow came down all day Friday. Its April, and I expect snow from time to time but this was all day. I knew this weekend would be my last opportunity to get out for a while, what with a family vacation beginning next week and summer months rolling around when we get back. Outdoor bouldering in Cody has been at a premium this spring. Fortunately a crap forecast for Sunday was punctuated by a decent day on Saturday. Laziness in the morning gave way to a sudden motivation in the afternoon, when shuffling of children around for play dates and sleep overs left us left us with only the boy. He is only 17 months and easier to handle when its just him. Meg and I got psyched and decided to head into the canyon to try our respective projects. She is working the V3 East Face Traverse on the Space Oddity Boulder and I, a short two move problem around the corner on the Roadcut Boulder. We went to hers first because she needs me for beta and spotting and I needed to warm up. She worked out the last puzzling cruxy section and was able to link all the parts together. This is phase one, a 30' long problem that is the first quarter of a 120' long traverse called Fired Youth V5. She will sew the East face together this week I'm sure.

We then went around the corner to my little project. Seems silly to obsess about such a goofy little problem, but the moves are hard and had rejected my attempts thus far. The right hand starting crimp, a toothy half pad deal, had torn the top layer of skin on my index finger last week. The temperature seemed right and my finger had healed so maybe today it would submit and allow me passage. Everything went well and after a few goes it was done and Business Time V6 was created. Most of the climbs on this boulder recieved Flight of the Conchord themed names and this one seemed to be the hardest so that is that. I put toether a quick video of the send, hope you get a chuckle.

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