Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Everything Old is New Again

Sunday afternoon found me done with household stuff and a bit antsy since the weatherman was wrong again. I grabbed my bouldering stuff and a few other things including a short static rope, harness, brushes and rappel/ascending tools and set out to finish cleaning something a friend and I started a couple weeks ago. This is a proud and hard line up the Other Gully Boulder, stupid name eh? Perhaps when someone gets up this rig they will offer a proper name. The start is the same as an established V9 called Pistol Whipper, yet another inappropriate or disgusting name that seems to so often be the case in Cody. There once was a large block at the base of this boulder, my buddy Dave and I Reengineered the base to allow the first few moves and viola, ready to go. These pics show what was there, what was done and what now awaits.

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