Saturday, May 23, 2009

An Evening With My Honey

A perfect Saturday evening found Meg and I kidless for once and anxious to clip some bolts. We cruised up to the Island to get in a few pitches. I was to be the rope gun, so we started on some easier things for warm ups, then moved to the back of the Tunnel Wall to finish. I got in seven pitches and felt exhausted at the end. Meg TR'd three and may have found a route she would like to project. Routes were Feeling All Right 5.9, Communtiy Service 5.10b, Spider Pig 5.11a/b, Silent Spaz 5.9, Digital Jedi 5.11c, Light Tension 5.11b and Aah.. Me Wrikey 5.11b. No pics tonight, as we were by ourselves the whole evening. I kept thinking some one else would show up because the temperature was so perfect, though it was nice to have the entire crag to ourselves.

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