Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Circuits Here, Circuits There, Circuits Everywhere

Tuesday, great weather, a good bunch of buddies and a few hours to kill. The posse gathers once again for the Tuesday evening bouldering session. I had to close the shop and was training some one but through a kind twist of fate I was able to leave early anyway. Still lagging behind the rest of the gang I caught up to them after their warmup at the Ethiopian Boulder, thank god I missed that, I'd rather jab sharp objects at my eyeballs than climb on the Ethiopian Boulder. I am only partially kidding, this boulder has become the default warmup due to its central location and vertical nature. Its not an awful chunk of rock, I'm just bored to death with it. Anyway I missed it, boohoo, on to the next one. We went to the Contact boulder, Dylan has these problems wired, so the two of us ran the gamut, while the others worked on the dyno or the traverses. This boulder has changed recently in that several hollow flakes got pried off creating and eliminating holds. I then drug the pads over to the Get It Up boulder to do Bobe Dole V4 and try Black Days V7. I managed BD via a couple different variants and got through Black Days in a couple trys. What a great problem! I wish I was strong enough to eliminate the jump start, its so powerful and I just wasn't feeling it. Time for one more, we ran over to The Pugilist for the troops to try, Dave, Pat, Garrett and Justin all made good progress on Spugilist V4 but no one sent. Clint and I hucked a few laps and then he headed out with Dylan. Garrett and Dave followed shortly after. I took Pat and Justin over to the Dirt Boss to show them the newly relandscaped landing, and feeling inspired ran a tennis shoe lap on the old classic traverse. I followed them down to the cheese boulder and watched Pat easily dispatch the V4 traverse whilst I sipped a well earned beer. Damn I love circuits in these boulders! Its no wonder I can never drag these guys away to clip bolts.

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