Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Satan's Soul V12

The Hate Satan Project has succumbed to the determination of Kerrek Stinson. While I was not there to capture it on video, I'm sure he made it look easy. This problem however did not go lightly in that many attempts over multiple days went into it. This was even after the moves had all been sussed, completed, the sequences sewn together and with enough tries to pretty much wire it. It still demanded something more, like the exquisite meal that is so much more than the ingredients that went into it. Awkward yet unique in its execution, this is a fine problem that is also very hard. I did spend a morning filming attempts and sewed together a collage of moves identical to what he used for the send.

Satan's Soul V12 from Mike Snyder on Vimeo.


  1. That's awesome, tell the young lad congrats!

  2. Will do. Off to the next proj for the lad. I'll keep ya posted.

  3. Looks like the next generation is getting a solid start! Nice work and keep the hard stuff coming.

  4. i have some video of kerrek pushing the beginning of the route... wasnt the day he did it but...

    Reese Irwin